Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is an international student organization with over a hundred local groups throughout Europe.

In our university the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, ESN BME will be helping you during your stay in Budapest. It consists of lots of enthusiastic, open-minded,  mentors and a board with 6 members. These people are also students who attend BME so they know everything about Hungarian student-life and you can ask them for help any time you need it.

ESN members help international students integrate smoothly within the student life in Hungary and organize activities such as excursions, city trips, international parties and sport events.

The aims of ESN are to promote the social and personal integration of the exchange students. The local ESN sections offer help, guidance and other valuable information to the exchange students hosted by their university. Newcomers find their way in the new environment easier and they can utilize their time in the best way possible to get as much out of their exchange as possible.

ESN also represents the needs and expectations of exchange students on the local, national and international level. Provision of relevant information about academic exchange programs and student mobility is one of the aims of the organization.

The ESN members will always be there to help you with your first steps in Hungary, such as finding your new home, shops, restaurants, courses etc. We will not leave you alone after the orientation week either. You can rely on us during your whole stay in Budapest. Whenever you need help, do not hesitate to contact us!