There are several ways to connect to the internet in Budapest. Most of the cafés have free wireless internet, but you can get free internet usually in shopping centers too. Big Internet Service Providers (ISP) have hot spots around the city, but the usage of these are charged.

Internet @ University

If your home institution is an Eduroam member then you can use the BME wireless network without any registration. Just log in with your eduroam account.
Technical info about Eduroam at BME.
BME provides free wireless internet (WIFI) access for their students. This network can be reached in most of the buildings. Some common areas are also equipped with extra sockets, so you can charge your laptop.
To use the internet, you have to register the MAC address of your laptop or mobile phone.  The registration can be done at: After registration you have to wait a couple of hours for the activation of your account.
You can also use the PCs to access the internet in the BME Student Computer Centre. For further information go to:

Internet @ Your Home

Usually the flats are not equipped with internet connection, so you have sign a contract with one of the service providers. Two big and some smaller ISPs provide internet at Budapest. Most of the companies sell cable TV and telephone service as well. 


T-Home provides the regular internet: ADSL, DSL, Cable Net and Optical cable net. They have many shops (T-Pont) in Budapest. For further information go to: 


 UPC provides regular cable internet, but they prefer to use the TV cable or Optical cable network.


 DIGI is a smaller company. Their services are based on Optical cable. Their value/price ratio is highly competitive, but their network can be reached only in certain areas.

Mobile broadband

All three mobile providers have mobile internet access on their 3G network: