Why is recycling important to the Earth?

Councils all over the world are getting involved with recycling. They are providing bins and collections points to empty these bins and take them to the recycling plants. This helps reduce the amount of raw materials being used by breaking down the waste and re-using it instead of new materials. It is more cost effective and energy saving in most cases. On average each house in the UK produces around 30.5 million tonnes of waste each year. 17% of this is recycled which is a low value.

Where can i find recycling points in Budapest?

In Budapest there are several recycling "yards" and a lot of recycling "spots".

(At the "spots" there are containers for paper, plastic, white and coloured glass, aluminium. At recycling "yards" you can also dispose of dangerous garbage, e.g. oil, batteries, electronic devices, refrigerators, etc. "Yards" are only open on weekdays between 10:00 - 18:00.)

On the following list you can find the address of the recycling "spot" or "yard" nearest to your place.


Make sure to zoom in, then you can see everything. Blue marks indicate the "yards", green marks indicate the "spots". (The yellow mark is the office of the Budapest Public Premises Maintainer Ltd.)